CoME is an application that helps older people to have a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent MCI. CoMe leverages the circle of personal caregivers, as well as enables reducing the caregivers’ workload.

CoME will offer the possibility of promoting self-management and enhancing autonomy to older adults. They can always count on the professional caregiver’s support and informal caregivers (like family or friends) will have tutorials, as well as guidance of prevention and action in risk situations, elaborated by professionals and by close caregivers.

It is covering all the expectations of actors (seniors and informal and professional caregivers) around care tasks and creating a real market-product that covers the user needs. The project aims is to provide a holistic approach involving all actors around care in one unique service.

CoME, Application for Improved Self-Management of Seniors’ Health and Prevention of Mild Cognitive Impairment
  • CoME enables an improved self-management of your health, by supporting the obtainment of personal goals
  • CoME detects the presence of risks on developing mild cognitive impairments (MCI), based on your use of the application
  • CoME supports you with a team of professional caregivers, who provide you personalized recommendations to achieve a healthier way of life