CoME at AAL Forum 2018 in Bilbao (Spain)

The last yearly event of the Active and Assistive Living (AAL) programme was held in Bilbao (Spain) last 24-26th September.

This forum, which gave special emphasis to pre-market phases of AAL technologies and solutions, included the participation of CoME, which was represented by PBN (Hungary) and ConnectedCare (The Netherlands), and that generated a great deal of interest among participants.

Also, the attendances of both organizations participated in several interactive sessions and workshops where several ideas for the future commercialization of CoME, currently in the latest phase of its development, were gathered.

The forum was very fruitful from the dissemination and exploitation point of view, with very interesting ideas exchanged and that will be shared with the rest of partners in the next general assembly of the CoME project.

Promotional video for CoME

With the aim of fostering greater understanding of CoME and attracting possible stakeholders and users, project consortium has created a video where the characteristics and functionalities of CoME as well as the advantages it offers for the prevention and detection of MCI are explained.

If you want to watch the video, click on the following link to the Video.

Christmas meeting with end-users in PBN

Pannon Business Network Association organized a Christmas meeting on the 19th of December 2017 for their seniors, who are participating in the testing of the CoME project in order to thank them their enthusiastic participation. All of the end users presented were satisfied with the development of the CoME platform’s second prototype and they are waiting keenly for the new functionalities to appear!

CoME: Poster

As part of the dissemination activities for CoME, the whole Consortium has created a promotional poster where the purposes and benefits that CoME will have for caregivers and seniors involved in different phases of cognitive impairment process.

CoME at Lleida (Spain): News published in several local newspapers

Several local newspapers have echoed the visit of the CoME Consortium members to the Faculty of Nursery and Physiotherapy in the University of Lleida (UdL),that was selected as meeting point for the biannual following meeting.
These news are very focused on the functionalities offered by CoME as well as the benefits that this platform will have for the population at risk of Mild Cognitive Impairment.

AAL Forum, Coimbra (Portugal)

Every year, AAL organize a meeting to call together the representatives of the interested organizations, who have ambitions to improve the quality of life of seniors with modern technology.
Two partners of the CoME partnership (Pannon Business Network, University of Geneva) were present there to give information about the project and, of course, to promote it.
A lot of interesting ideas and solutions were presented there, a few of them even had elements similar to CoME, so the participation was useful for the members of the team and they got back to work refreshed and motivated to practise the new knowledge!

Promote CoME to the Retired Federation of Szombathely and recruit end users (Hungary)

The Pannon Business Network Association (PBN) is eager to involve more and more seniors with different stages of health conditions into CoME.
It is a very important task as an end user organization, because the main aim of the tests is to get diverse feedback of the platform and measuring process from the participating seniors depending on their different needs, that the team of CoME would like to provide them.
That is why PBN contacted with one of the biggest local retired federation and agreed on an event to present the members what CoME could give to them, if they would like to join to the testing.
Almost 30 seniors were present in the meeting and some of them showed real interest and would like to self-monitor their health parameters.
The next step by PBN is to involve them and give them proper instructions to enjoy CoME!

CoME Project Meeting at Lleida

On 20th and 21th November the third CoME project meeting is taking place. 10 researchers, business, and healthcare specialist are working together during the meeting in order to come with a common approach on how to develop a CoME platform capable to help senior to self-manage their health by means of healthy goals supported and personalized by formal caregivers through CoME and at the same time providing early identification of MCI risk. This application has currently release its second prototype and trials in Spain, Hungary and The Netherlands are taken place with more than 120 of users (covering elderly, informal and formal caregivers). In the meeting the schedule for the next prototype, features improvement, next trials and initial business planning are the main issues discussed.

Start of trials in Hungary

CoME leaflet

With the aim of transmitting CoME functionalities and outcomes to the widest possible audience and through the biggest number of possible channels, a leaflet to disseminate CoME in different dissemination events has been created: